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Remove deprecated WebDriver commands


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As noted in the code we should remove all the deprecated commands for Firefox 60, so we don't have to carry those along with the ESR release:

A little bit more work seems to be necessary for setWindowPosition and setWindowSize (bug 1348145) which a contributor starts working on now. I would leave that as a separate bug.
Doh! We cannot get them all removed because Marionette client doesn't support the new commands yet. So the client has to be updated and released first. Given the still a bit unclear status of the update tests, we need further releases before we can remove all old commands from driver.js. :(

I will file a new client bug, to get all the commands updated.
Depends on: 1451727
Depends on: 1452024
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With bug 451727 fixed and uplifted soon for Firefox 60, the removal of the old commands has to wait until Firefox 63.
Whiteboard: [has to wait for firefox 63]
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Bug 1451725 - Remove deprecated WebDriver Commands

Thank you! The try build also passes, so that I will try to get it landed now.
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