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application_data before handshake completes terminates DTLS


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This manifests as an annoying intermittent error, such as:

Why it doesn't cause errors more often is that the length field that is being read is actually ciphertext, and most times that produces a value that exceeds the amount of data available, so we (correctly) identify it as junk and throw it away.  Only when the length is small enough do we see an error.  In the real world, failure rates would increase in proportion to the certificate size, up to the MTU.

What happens here is that if the application data arrives early, then the connection explodes.
I realize that I wasn't very clear here.  TLS 1.3 handshake messages appear to use the application_data content type, so if those handshake messages arrive too early, then NSS might think that they are valid application_data messages and process them with the NULL cipher, which tends to work.  That then triggers the explosion.
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