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[lij] Search engine setup for Firefox Mobile for Ligurian


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We want to ship Firefox Mobile with a good list of search engines for Ligurian. 

I see there's actually already one set up for mobile:

Should we continue with this one, or is there one more suitable you'd like to go with? Seems like the one for Browser differs:

We could mirror what there is in browser if you prefer (I don't think we do e-bay on mobile though).
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I'm again i think that we can use the browser search engine removing this 2: ddg", "ebay-it".
So can use this one:

 "lij": {
      "default": {
        "visibleDefaultEngines": [
          "google", "bing", "amazon-it", "paroledigenova-lij", "wikipedia-lij"
Ok I'll have to work on an icon then for paroledigenova-lij, so it will take me longer than I thought (and not sure if I can get to that this week).
I looked into creating the icon as per documentation we have, and it's more complicated that I thought it would be. I may just add all the other search engines in the meantime, because this is taking too long.
I'll poke in more to the icon work, and will let you know.
I think we could remove paroledigenova-lij. It's not so important to have that search engine.
Oh well that makes my life so much easier then :) 
I'll go ahead and work on setting the rest up, then. If ever you change your mind, feel free to let me know, and I'll gladly take more time to add it.
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Bug 1452785 - [lij] Search engine setup for Firefox Mobile in Ligurian,

Looks good. I'll file a couple of follow ups, since Amazon searchplugins are all over the place, and I'm not sure we need the search activity in Wikipedia.
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