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Clean up permissions code in extensions/


(Core :: Permission Manager, enhancement, P3)






(Reporter: qdot, Unassigned)


The permissions manager currently lives in extensions/cookie but could be moved to dom/permissions, and there's other permissions code in extensions that's either unused or can be moved.
Assignee: nobody → kyle
Priority: -- → P3
Hm, do you want to move it to dom/permissions or dom/permission? Technically I don't think permissions is a DOM thing, to be honest, so my vote would be for keeping it somewhere else. dom/permission holds the (incomplete) DOM permission API which isn't fully standardized/agreed on yet (, so I'm not sure that directory is perfect either...

I don't feel strongly about this, though.
My reasoning was that the DOM Permissions API uses nsPermissionManager, so it'd be ok for us to centralize everything in dom/permissions, but it doesn't really "fit" for the cookie stuff (not that nsPermissionManager "fits" in the cookie directory well either). I was mostly just surprised that it was in extensions/cookie.
Assignee: kyle → nobody

I think this is actually resolved as of bug 1547397...

Closed: 1 year ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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