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Assertion failure: aCompositionEvent->mMessage != eCompositionStart running dom/base/test/chrome/test_nsITextInputProcessor.xul test


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I get an assertion failure running this test locally with:

MOZ_HEADLESS=1 ./mach mochitest -f chrome dom/base/test/chrome/test_nsITextInputProcessor.xul

I see TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL but the test run is reported as passing.
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Component: DOM → Event Handling
Priority: -- → P3
Wow, this hits really long standing bug of IME testing path.

IMEStateManager::DispatchCompositionEvent() creates TextComposition with native IME context stored by eCompositionStart event. However, when the composition ends, it looks for ending TextComposition instance with result of nsIWidget::GetNativeIMEContext() and the widget is stored by eCompositionChange(AsIs) event. The former is initialized by TextEventDispatcher::InitEvent().  When TextEventDispatcher works with TextInputProcessor, this native IME context is set to pseudo IME context which is raw pointer of TextEventDispatcher and process ID.  On the other hand, nsIWidget::GetNativeIMEContext() never returns pseudo IME context.  So, we fail to remove TextComposition when we synthesize composition for tests!
Assignee: nobody → masayuki
Some points:

The patch should be reviewed by smaug, but he's on vacation. So, I request the review to Makoto-san. The idea of IME context is, it depends on platforms how many composition we can have. For example, on Windows, IME can have only one but on Linux, we can have a composition per top level window. An IME context is shared between any widgets which is associated with native IME context. It was implemented in bug 1179632:

And even with fixing this bug, I see timeout of the test with headless widget.
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Bug 1453629 - nsIWidget::GetNativeIMEContext() should return pseudo IME context if TextInputProcessor has a composition on the widget
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nsIWidget::GetNativeIMEContext() should return pseudo IME context if TextInputProcessor has a composition on the widget r=m_kato
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Component: Event Handling → User events and focus handling
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