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Make a ./mach command to playback mitmproxy recordings


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I was working with :bholley earlier on IRC so he could get mitmproxy up and running locally, to playback the talos tp6 pagesets for some debugging (but outside of talos). Needless to say, it is not fun.

Ideally we should add a './mach mitmproxy' command or similar, that will install mitmproxy locally (same as local talos tp6 run does) but will startump the mitmproxy tool and serve out the specified playback file.

Then you could start Firefox and set the proxy and load the URL all manually and debug however you like.
For posterity, the current way to do this is:

(1) set up the environment by running ./mach talos-test --stuite tp6-e10s
(2) Something like the following, noting the quotes:

bholley@slice /files/mozilla/mc/x/testing/talos/talos/mitmproxy (slice_x) $ /files/mozilla/mc/x/testing/talos/talos/mitmproxy/mitmdump -k -s "/files/mozilla/mc/x/testing/talos/talos/mitmproxy/ /files/mozilla/mc/x/testing/talos/talos/mitmproxy/ /files/mozilla/mc/x/testing/talos/talos/mitmproxy/ /files/mozilla/mc/x/testing/talos/talos/mitmproxy/ /files/mozilla/mc/x/testing/talos/talos/mitmproxy/"
I am thinking something like:
./mach talos-setup -a tp6

then if we have other tests that require specific setup, it could be handled in the same logic.

of course setting up the profile properly for a local build of Firefox might be tricky (prefs, env, certificates)
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:bebe, can you get a new bug for this work?

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We opened 1702955 to resolve this in a different way

Closed: 3 months ago
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