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Tracking bug for 2018-04-30 migration work


(Release Engineering :: Release Requests, defect)

Not set


(firefox60blocking fixed, firefox62 fixed)

Tracking Status
firefox60 blocking fixed
firefox62 --- fixed


(Reporter: sfraser, Assigned: mtabara)



+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1431363 +++

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1412962 +++

Filing this in advance for the 60.0 release.
Depends on: esr60
Depends on: 1454679
Depends on: 1454682
Depends on: 1415233
Depends on: 1457088
Depends on: 1457075
Rgarding bug 1457075

~mtabara> bogdan_tara|sheriffduty: just to be clear. so you suggest we should merge central to beta and then apply that fix on beta or are you going to uplift that from try to central before we start mergeduty?
13:19:58 <apavel|sheriffduty> mtabara: hi, no, he was not suggesting that. he's message was informative. we pushed to try as you can see on the bug's comment and that push no longer got failures. bogdan was just letting you know that if you merge central to beta now, if the above mentioned bug is not fixed, it will be busted 
13:20:48 andrei_ciure_ → andrei_ciure_sheriffduty
13:21:02 <~mtabara> apavel|sheriffduty: ah, thank you for details! is there someone who actively works on that as in to land it? 
13:21:44 <~mtabara> I don't think we'll start doing the merge but in an hour or two so I guess there's still time to push the fix, but I could be wrong. 
13:24:32 <apavel|sheriffduty> mtabara: we've tested that fix with aryx but left the ni? for the dev to work on it
See Also: → 1457090
To fix the esr60 merge:

# hit multiple heads error on push
# cd to builds/mozilla-esr60
hg heads
# kill the old head 5e7ee27f7cfb
hg debugsetparents 4aa7d5d7c967 5e7ee27f7cfb
# verify
hg log -r .
hg diff -r 4aa7d5d7c967
# commit with magic strings
hg commit -u 'ffxbld <>' -m 'get rid of dummy changeset head via debugsetparents. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release ba=release'
hg push -r .
Pushed by
Update repo update owners for releaseduty change. r=sfraser
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Assignee: nobody → mtabara
Blocks: 1464026
No longer depends on: 1575613
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