Remove some unused comparator code in KeyframeUtils

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a year ago
(Came across when investigating usage of some tables in nsCSSProps. Unfortunately it isn't going to help removing any bits of code there at the end, though.)
Nice catch!  I haven't noticed that it's not used any more.  Though it's not used, I am not convinced whether we can really remove it.  Especially sorting shorthand by sub property count.  IIRC, we don't have such automation test cases and probably it's not yet spec-ed.  Let me take time to check our code.

CCing Brian, he might know something about it.
(In reply to Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) from comment #3)

> probably it's not yet spec-ed.

Great!  It's already spec-ed.  From

> 2. Shorthand properties with fewer longhand components override those with more longhand components (e.g. border-top overrides border-color).

So there must be some test cases in web platform tests.
Yeah, I rewrote the same code in rust as part of Stylo.[1] I think we don't need this once dropping Gecko style system.

Thanks.  I had actually got involved in that bug (bug 1371493 comment 5), but don't recall. :)

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a year ago
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Bug 1454524 - Remove some unused comparator code in KeyframeUtils.
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a year ago
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Remove some unused comparator code in KeyframeUtils. r=hiro

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a year ago
I'm wondering whether it is possible to remove other uses of nsCSSProps::PropertyIDLName() and nsCSSProps::PropertyIDLNameSortPosition(). There seems to be some remaining in animation code.

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a year ago
But that's not a blocker anyway.
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