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[wpt-sync] Sync PR 10499 - [wptrunner] Install Ahem in Sauce Labs Windows VM


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Sync web-platform-tests PR 10499 into mozilla-central (this bug is closed when the sync is complete).

Details from upstream follow.

Mike Pennisi <> wrote:
>  [wptrunner] Install Ahem in Sauce Labs Windows VM
>  In gh-10491, @gsnedders [suggested](
>  > Can we download files over the tunnel? Does the tunnel already exist at the point the prerun script runs? Because if it does, then we could just download http://web-platform.test:8000/fonts/Ahem.ttf, which would be the right version for the revision being run?
>  That sounded like a great idea ([although we would have to construct the URL based on the relevant `env_config` values](, and I almost included it here. However, the "prerun" script is currently uploaded with the same file name for every test execution. That would cause confusing problems if two test execution tasks used different configurations but the same Sauce Labs account. That might seem unlikely, but it may actually occur on a regular basis in fairly soon.
>  I have some thoughts on how we can address that problem, but I recommend we move forward with this simple solution for now because it can only improve result accuracy.
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[wpt PR 10499] - [wptrunner] Install Ahem in Sauce Labs Windows VM, a=testonly
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