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Intermittent async-scrolling/bg-fixed-in-css-filter.html == async-scrolling/bg-fixed-in-css-filter-ref.html | image comparison, max difference: 1, number of differing pixels: 59


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(Keywords: intermittent-failure, leave-open, regression, Whiteboard: [retriggered])

Filed by: ncsoregi [at]

[task 2018-04-17T17:58:29.118Z] 17:58:29     INFO - REFTEST TEST-START | file:///builds/worker/workspace/build/tests/reftest/tests/layout/reftests/async-scrolling/bg-fixed-in-css-filter.html == file:///builds/worker/workspace/build/tests/reftest/tests/layout/reftests/async-scrolling/bg-fixed-in-css-filter-ref.html
[task 2018-04-17T17:58:29.119Z] 17:58:29     INFO - REFTEST TEST-LOAD | file:///builds/worker/workspace/build/tests/reftest/tests/layout/reftests/async-scrolling/bg-fixed-in-css-filter.html | 9 / 69 (13%)
[task 2018-04-17T17:58:29.135Z] 17:58:29     INFO - ++DOMWINDOW == 29 (0x7fbdf1a4b000) [pid = 3653] [serial = 30] [outer = 0x7fbdf6c46000]
[task 2018-04-17T17:58:29.768Z] 17:58:29     INFO - REFTEST TEST-LOAD | file:///builds/worker/workspace/build/tests/reftest/tests/layout/reftests/async-scrolling/bg-fixed-in-css-filter-ref.html | 9 / 69 (13%)
[task 2018-04-17T17:58:29.789Z] 17:58:29     INFO - ++DOMWINDOW == 30 (0x7fbdf1a4dc00) [pid = 3653] [serial = 31] [outer = 0x7fbdf6c46000]
[task 2018-04-17T17:58:30.572Z] 17:58:30     INFO - REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | file:///builds/worker/workspace/build/tests/reftest/tests/layout/reftests/async-scrolling/bg-fixed-in-css-filter.html == file:///builds/worker/workspace/build/tests/reftest/tests/layout/reftests/async-scrolling/bg-fixed-in-css-filter-ref.html | image comparison, max difference: 1, number of differing pixels: 59
Filed for QuantumRender, with a handful of barely-fuzzy pixels around the fringes of a filtered element.

Unless we get reports on another platform, it seems likely this is QuantumRender-specific --> reclassifying.

(If needed, it looks like this could be easily worked around with a fuzzy-if annotation.)
Component: Layout → Graphics: WebRender
Did some retriggers and found that 25% of the jobs are failing.
It seems that the failure started here:
Flags: needinfo?(jmaher)
Whiteboard: [retriggered]
Thanks Noemi, this is great information.  It does in fact look related to bug 1453688, :kats, is this something you want to fuzzy-if for webrender, or look into the update from bug 1453688 ?
Blocks: 1453688
Flags: needinfo?(jmaher) → needinfo?(bugmail)
I'll probably end up fuzzy-if'ing it, but I'm doing retriggers on the try pushes in that bug to see which upstream webrender change introduced it. /me doesn't like nondeterministic behaviour
Assignee: nobody → bugmail
Flags: needinfo?(bugmail)
Based on retriggers on and it seems to have been introduced by this range:

*   565e2408 Auto merge of #2661 - jrmuizel:tiled-blob-renderer, r=kvark
| * 71cb1d0a wrench/blob: Only paint the dirty rect
* fba1b411 Auto merge of #2651 - glennw:cache-text-shadow-3, r=kvark
* d48fe709 Add basic infrastructure for caching Pictures, enable for some blurs.

i.e. from servo/webrender#2651 (the other PR just touched wrench).
Filed for it upstream. I'll land a fuzzing patch, but let's keep this open until the underlying issue is fixed.
Pushed by
Fuzz an intermittent failure introduced by WR PR 2651. r=me
Assignee: bugmail → nobody
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