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Tup backend should use PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE instead of -B


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The tup backend uses 'python -B' to avoid writing .pyc files during GENERATED_FILES scripts, but if those scripts call out to sys.executable to run more python, the -B flag will not be passed along. Instead we can use the environment variable to handle this case better.
I'm wondering why it is a bad idea to write .pyc file?
Tup checks that the files written by the subprocess match the outputs that are declared by the build system (in this case, the GENERATED_FILES line) as one of the dependency checks. This helps to avoid issues with unspecified or undeclared dependencies among dependent jobs where a build may appear to work if jobs are scheduled in one particular order, but fail if they are scheduled in a different way.

We could add a rule to the tup backend to generate .pyc files before running any GENERATED_FILES scripts if that ends up being a performance win, but for now its easier to just skip generating them.
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Bug 1454826 - Tup backend: Use PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE=1 instead of -B;
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Tup backend: Use PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE=1 instead of -B; r=froydnj
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