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add support for limiting locales in partner repacks


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This isn't required for production, but it's super helpful in staging.
Pretty simple! Just skip any locales not in the list, or do all locales if the list is empty.
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The mozharness part just lets us passthrough to the partner repack script. The partner transform part gathers all locales found in any partner config, and uses that set as the locales to limit to.

It's notable that this will cause --limit-locale to be passed even for full locale releases, which makes the command line long and kindof ugly. I couldn't come up with an obvious fix this.

This was tested on I did some checks of the candidates dir and dep partner bucket, and I _think_ everything looks correct (but I'm not an expert).
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add support for limiting locales in mozharness script + transform

I'm not 100% sold on this, but didn't really come up with any great alternatives.
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This idea is courtesy of Aki, and it seems to work. In my local task graph diffs, this produces the expected locale limiting when using maple-promote-firefox, and doesn't for mb-promote-firefox.,
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only limit locales on staging branches

lgtm, thanks!
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add support for limiting locales in partner repacks. r=nthomas
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