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Use a tagged union to shrink StyleSource


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right now StyleSource is a three-variant enum, with one of them being "None" to avoid consuming a third word. We could turn this all into a one-word Option<ArcUnion<Rule, Declaration>> with the appropriate machinery.

I hacked together a quick implementation of ArcUnion. Haven't finished hooking it up to StyleSource, but looking for quick feedback on the approach and ergonomics.
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ArcUnion prototype. v1

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this looks pretty good.

I'd love to eventually publish ServoArc and/or get the Rust stdlib to expose enough so that it can be implemented compatibly with sync::Arc

::: servo/components/servo_arc/
@@ +976,5 @@
> +    /// Similar to deref, but uses the lifetime |a| rather than the lifetime of
> +    /// self, which is incompatible with the signature of the Deref trait.
> +    #[inline]
> +    pub fn get(&self) -> &'a T {
> +        &*self.0

nit: this can just be self.0, immutable references are Copy
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Attached patch Part 1 - ArcUnion. v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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Part 1 - ArcUnion. v2

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::: servo/components/servo_arc/
@@ +1021,5 @@
> +    First(ArcBorrow<'a, A>),
> +    Second(ArcBorrow<'a, B>),
> +}
> +
> +impl<A: 'static, B: 'static> ArcUnion<A, B> {

might wish to mark some of these methods `#[inline]`
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(In reply to Manish Goregaokar [:manishearth] from comment #7)
> might wish to mark some of these methods `#[inline]`

I thought that was unnecessary given that they're generic?
Oh, that's correct. Sorry.
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