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[wpt-sync] Sync PR 10556 - Remove tests for the crop property


(Core :: CSS Parsing and Computation, enhancement, P4)




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firefox62 --- fixed


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Sync web-platform-tests PR 10556 into mozilla-central (this bug is closed when the sync is complete).

Details from upstream follow.

Chris Nardi <> wrote:
>  Remove tests for the crop property
>  There is a comment in the test that it wasn't implemented in anywhere, and it seems to have been removed from the spec (per Remove the reference to the property from the testcases.
Component: web-platform-tests → CSS Parsing and Computation
Product: Testing → Core
Whiteboard: [wptsync downstream] → [wptsync downstream error]
Whiteboard: [wptsync downstream error] → [wptsync downstream]
Ran 13 tests and 2074[linux32-opt,linux64-opt], 334[linux32-debug,linux64-debug] subtests
OK     : 9[linux32-debug,linux64-debug], 13[linux32-opt,linux64-opt]
PASS   : 1651[linux32-opt,linux64-opt], 239[linux32-debug,linux64-debug]
FAIL   : 423[linux32-opt,linux64-opt], 95[linux32-debug,linux64-debug]

Tests that are disabled for instability:
/css/css-transitions/properties-value-001.html: [linux32-debug,linux64-debug]
/css/css-transitions/properties-value-inherit-001.html: [linux32-debug,linux64-debug]
/css/css-transitions/properties-value-inherit-002.html: [linux32-debug,linux64-debug]
/css/css-transitions/properties-value-inherit-003.html: [linux32-debug,linux64-debug]
The following tests were disabled based on stability try push:
 css/css-transitions/transition padding-left on :before / values
css/css-transitions/transition padding-left on :after / values
css/css-transitions/transition padding-left on :before, changing content / values
css/css-transitions/transition padding-left on :after, changing content / values
css/css-transitions/border-top-left-radius border-radius(px) / events
css/css-transitions/border-top-left-radius border-radius(px-px) / events
css/css-transitions/border-top-right-radius border-radius(px) / events
css/css-transitions/border-top-right-radius border-radius(px-px) / events
css/css-transitions/border-bottom-left-radius border-radius(px) / events
css/css-transitions/border-bottom-left-radius border-radius(px-px) / events
css/css-transitions/border-bottom-right-radius border-radius(px) / events
css/css-transitions/border-bottom-right-radius border-radius(px-px) / events
css/css-transitions/box-shadow box-shadow(shadow) / events
css/css-transitions/font-size-adjust number(integer) / events
css/css-transitions/font-size-adjust number(decimal) / events
css/css-transitions/font-stretch font-stretch(keyword) / events
css/css-transitions/text-decoration-color color(rgba) / events
css/css-transitions/column-count integer(integer) / events
css/css-transitions/column-gap length(pt) / events
css/css-transitions/column-gap length(pc) / events
css/css-transitions/column-gap length(px) / events
css/css-transitions/column-gap length(em) / events
css/css-transitions/column-gap length(ex) / events
css/css-transitions/column-gap length(mm) / events
css/css-transitions/column-gap length(cm) / events
css/css-transitions/column-gap length(in) / events
css/css-transitions/column-rule-color color(rgba) / events
css/css-transitions/column-rule-width length(pt) / events
css/css-transitions/column-rule-width length(pc) / events
css/css-transitions/column-rule-width length(px) / events
css/css-transitions/column-rule-width length(em) / events
css/css-transitions/column-rule-width length(ex) / events
css/css-transitions/column-rule-width length(mm) / events
css/css-transitions/column-rule-width length(cm) / events
css/css-transitions/column-rule-width length(in) / events
css/css-transitions/column-width length(pt) / events
css/css-transitions/column-width length(pc) / events
css/css-transitions/column-width length(px) / events
css/css-transitions/column-width length(em) / events
css/css-transitions/column-width length(ex) / events
css/css-transitions/column-width length(mm) / events
css/css-transitions/column-width length(cm) / events
Pushed by
[wpt PR 10556] - Remove tests for the crop property, a=testonly
[wpt PR 10556] - Update wpt metadata, a=testonly
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla62
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