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the coverage build says it is an opt build but it is actually a debug build


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The current coverage build is labeled as an opt build.

    description: "Linux64-CCov Opt"

This, however, is actually a debug build.

This label and description should be changed to debug. I will then make an actual opt coverage build.
FWIW the labels are just that: labels. They mean little to nothing. Same thing for the platform names. The constraint is Treeherder requires us to define a platform name and build type.

We've actually been contemplating consolidating all the build tasks into a single platform so all the build tasks are grouped together and the Treeherder output is more concise (shorter).

But until we have better nomenclature, changing this task to debug to make room for a real opt build feels acceptable. Depending on the downstream consumers of the code coverage data, you may want to land the real opt build at the same time the existing build is renamed, otherwise there may be a gap in coverage. Actually, might might actually be good, since we may want to explicitly modify downstream consumers who were assuming they were getting a debug build.

Things are never easy in the build system :/
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Bug 1456662 - change ccov opt to debug and add an opt build.

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::: taskcluster/taskgraph/transforms/
(Diff revision 1)
>          yield test
>  @transforms.add
>  def enable_code_coverage(config, tests):
> -    """Enable code coverage for the linux64-ccov/opt & linux64-jsdcov/opt & win64-ccov/debug
> +    """Enable code coverage for the linux64-ccov/debug & linux64-ccov/opt & linux64-jsdcov/opt & win64-ccov/debug

Error: Line too long (109 > 99 characters) [flake8: E501]

::: testing/mozharness/configs/builds/releng_sub_linux_configs/
(Diff revision 1)
>          'PATH': '/usr/local/bin:/bin:\
>  /usr/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin',
>      },
>      'mozconfig_variant': 'code-coverage',
>      #######################
>  }

Error: No newline at end of file [flake8: W292]
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