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Record and expose a timestamp after the parser finishes and the presentation is flushed


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Tp6 currently uses time to first non-blank-paint, which is very non-deterministic - see bug 1455115 comment 3.

A potentially-more-reliable metric would be the end of the first style+layout+paint flush after DOMContentLoaded. I'm writing up a prototype for this, which we can then hook up to Talos.
I've only tested this lightly but it seems to work roughly as I'd expect.
Suggestions welcome.

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Note that tomorrow is my last day before heading out for a while, so quick turnaround would be appreciated.
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Expose time to DOMContentFlushed on the timeline. v1

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This looks good to me. The "delete this;" part isn't very pretty but I don't have a better alternative.
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Expose time to DOMContentFlushed on the timeline. v1

sr=me.  I'm on PTO tomorrow (Friday), and likely not checking email.....
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(I thought people explicitly wanted to measure first non-blank paints, because that is what is relevant to users. But I guess having two different measurements is good.)
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So, the post-refresh-observer setup ended up causing leaks, because the refresh driver can end up getting torn down, and it doesn't have any way to disconnect or drop the observer, which holds a strong reference to the presshell.

So instead I just implemented this directly in the refresh driver, which seems to work.
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Expose time to DOMContentFlushed on the timeline. r=bholley,r=mstange
NI sphilp to start tracking this metric in Talos.
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See bug 1458242 for implementation in talos
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