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Don't allow the backing store behind a TypedObject to be accessed


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From Paris just over a week ago, it sounds like typed objects as we're pushing them are not going to expose the underlying memory as ArrayBuffer.  Preserving this complexity in SpiderMonkey doesn't give you much, it's not going to be used in Web Assembly, and there's ongoing maintenance cost to keeping it around.

Let's remove the capability.  That is, let's remove:

*, the function that returns the ArrayBuffer beneath a typed object not containing any/reference
* the ability of TypedObject constructors to accept an ArrayBuffer to view
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FWIW this might well come back: transparent Typed Objects aren't required for the current plans for Wasm/JS integration, but they have value for other use cases.

I'm not opposed to removing this for now, but we might need to resurrect it at some point.
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Remove the function and |new TypedObject(buffer [, offset])| constructor overload because they're no longer planned to be part of standardization efforts in this area.  r=sfink
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