On Linux, enabling drag space mess with the blue line of the active tab




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a year ago
Drag space option is supposed to add some space to drag window on top of tabs.
Currently on Linux it does the following:
- If density is set to compact, it makes the blue line of the active tab just a little bit thicker, probably one pixel thicker
- If density is set to normal or touch, instead of having that line thicker, it moves it one pixel lower and therefore create a one pixel thick line between tab border and blue line.

In every case, no drag space appear.

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a year ago
Tested on Archlinux running Gnome 3.28.
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a year ago
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a year ago
Summary: On Linux, enabling drag space give a result very different of what it should → On Linux, enabling drag space mess with the blue line of the active tab
Blocks: gtktitlebar
Priority: -- → P5

Comment 2

a year ago
With Arch Linux and KDE Plasma, the behaviour is again somewhat different,

 - With density set to compact, the drag space is never gone, and enabling "drag space" makes the "active tab indicator line" thicker (same as reporter's)
 - With density set to normal, if "drag space" is disabled, there's actually always a drag space above tabs; if "drag space" is enabled, after un-maximising and maximising the window, the drag space is gone
 - With density set to touch, the drag space never shows up

I actually don't want the drag space and currently the only way for me to achieve this is to enable normal density and drag space, then manually un-maximise and maximise the window after every start.
See Also: → 1440414

Can you please check latest nightly if you still see that? Thanks!

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Comment 4

4 months ago

Ok so, it looks like I cannot reproduce the side effects anymore. However, when setting theme to dark, blue line seems a little bit thicker. It might be optical illusion tricking eyes though, I can't measure.

Drag space option on the other hand is still doing nothing: whether it's checked or not, nothing changes.

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