[CSD] Ubuntu 18.04 titlebars are 9px taller than 17.10 resulting in a significant drag space for all window states




a year ago
3 months ago


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a year ago
Ubuntu 17.10 titlebar height: 33px
Ubuntu 18.04 titlebar height: 42px

Measured with default density and drag space disabled.

The 9px taller titlebar effectively adds a drag space to all windows, even maximized windows where it would not normally appear. 

The drag space option has no useful effect.
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Yes, I can also see that on Fedora 29 with Ambiance theme.

Comment 2

6 months ago
Ubuntu 18.10's new default Yaru theme does not have this issue.

Can you please check latest nightly if you still see that? Thanks!

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3 months ago

I can still see this on latest Nightly 66 with Ambiance theme on Ubuntu 18.10.

Ambiance theme titlebar height: 38px (5px space above tabs for all window states).
Yaru theme titlebar height: 33px (no space above tabs for all window states).

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