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Links on slow to respond


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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Android 7.0; Tablet; rv:59.0) Gecko/59.0 Firefox/59.0
Build ID: 20180323154952

Steps to reproduce:

When I  go to after starting firefox fresh on my samsung S2 tablet or my blackberry priv, hitting a link on the page seemingly does nothing.  

Actual results:

After several seconds the address bar show the link address but it takes several more seconds to navigate to the page.  The page then renders normally.  This does not seem to happen with subsequent navigations through the news page, until Firefox is stopped and restarted. 

Expected results:

The page should do something, like display the link iin the address bar almost immediately,  and then navigate to the page without just sitting and doing nothing for several seconds
I was partially able to reproduce this on Nightly 62.0a1 (2018-05-09).

When accessing a link from the home page, the link address appears instantly in the link bar but the page content needs around 3-4 seconds to load.
Duplicate of this bug: 1463010
Attached file log-lg nexus.txt
I could reproduce this and bug 1463010 on The URL starts loading but it either takes too long and seems frozen or, it's actually stuck on a blank page and the progress bar is no longer displayed (just the URL).
Beta 61.0b7, RC 60.0, Nightly build (2018-05-23)
Device: LG Nexus 5(Android 6.0.1)
Logcat attached.
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Hardware: Unspecified → All
Version: 59 Branch → Trunk
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