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Improve noticing alerts for big time ranges


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I was trying to investigate a regression from 5 weeks ago and I could not see beyond that there was an alert.

Joel showed me that he can easily see alerts on a 14 day view:,1644839,1,1

However, on my 90 day view I could not see that there was one alert: (also added as an attachment),1643923,1,1&series=mozilla-central,1652331,0,1

Any ideas on how to improve this?
Hmm, it seems fairly clear to me that there's an alert on that image you sent -- the point is highlighted and there's a line through it. We could consider adding some widget/view to the graphs that let you list the visible alerts, I suppose.
To begin with, I was not even aware that alerts showed on PH graphs.

I did not notice that there's a dot that is different (until Joel mentioned it) or even that there's a vertical line (until you just mentioned it).
Keywords: good-first-bug
Priority: -- → P3
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