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hook up testing with python3 to CI


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As we fix the code to work in Python 3, we want to make sure we don't break new things. One way to do that is by running all the known-working things in CI for PRs.

This bug covers changing our CI configuration to also run the tests in Python 3.
Making this depend on the linting bug--there's no sense in working on this until that's done.
Depends on: 1460707
The linting bug is done, so it's time we do this one. Doing this will make it less likely someone (like me) inadvertently undoes Ced's work.

Tossing this at Alexis.

I think we should do this by adding another step in .circleci/config.yml . The only way to test this is by creating a PR and running it through CI.
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This is a terrible first bug. I'm not sure why I marked it like that. Blech.
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fix bug 1460708: added Python 3 test running to CI

- we are in the process of transitioning from Python 2 to 3
- we want to make sure that things currently working stay that way
  - thus, we want to run the tests as Python 3 in addition to what we currently have
Merge pull request #4488 from mozilla-services/ci-python3-testing

fix bug 1460708: added Python 3 test running to CI
Closed: 4 years ago
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