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policy engine - disable layout customization


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Actual results:

Someone on had a specific request:

He's admin at a school and wants to keep pupils/students from messing with Firefox's layout by using the "customize" button.

Expected results:

It would be nice if there would be a policy for this.
Or an option that resets the layout on restart.

The policy could remove or grey out the "customize" button.
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This sounds like a good request to start with!
What do you think, Felipe? :)
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:felipe After fixing the checkbox for Permissions policy, looking for a solution to this was a lot easier! Thank you! :D
To my surprise, just one line removes all the possible "customize" shortcuts I could find. It's just that for Page action menu, there remains an extra row but without clickable customize option. It looks weird that way.
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Bug 1461047 - Added Policy: Customize Layout

This looks like a good start, but we'll definitely need to adjust the Page Actions menu to not have that empty row.

But there are other things related to Customization that this didn't remove. What I could find:
 - on the Page Actions menu, if you right click on an item, there's the option to "Add to Address Bar"

Clicking on the Library button, there's the option "Pin to Overflow Menu/Hide From toolbar".

Honestly I don't know how far we want to go on removing all these possibilities of customizations.. When we get back to this bug, we should check with Mike Kaply about it
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Hi, Kanika! Are you still working on this?
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It'd be great to finish this. Felipe, please help me follow up. Thank you! :)
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Thanks, Kanika! Just hooking up the ni? so comment 6 doesn't fall off the radar.
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Hi Kanika, great to hear you'll be working on this again!

I think that instead of hiding this option, we should just disable it. This will be more on par with other policies, and will also take care of the empty row problem that you mentioned in comment 3.

To disable it you'll need to call .setAttribute("disabled", true) on the cmd_customizeToolbars.

Other items that we should disable:

The "Remove from Toolbar" popup menu item when right-clicking toolbar icons. This is controlled in the onViewToolbarsPopupShowing

I think we don't need to disable the "Remove from Address Bar" Page Action because it's merely a switch between being always visible and being in the overflow menu. Same thing for the "Pin to Overflow Menu" item when right-clicking toolbar buttons.

And don't forget that this will need tests!

I want to make this policy future-proof to add an option to choose specific buttons to always show up, select themes, etc., so instead of being a boolean policy, let's make it an object where we can add more things later.

How about:

UICustomization: {
  DisableToolbarCustomization: true
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