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Don't eagerly sparsify dense elements in NativeDefineProperty


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When a dense element is redefined to a non-writable property in NativeDefineProperty (and the property descriptor has no value field!), the element is first changed to a sparse property and then AddOrChangeProperty is called which updates the property attributes. Similar code is present when redefining a dense element to an accessor property [2].

I don't think it's necessary to sparsify the dense element here, given that, for example, we don't do it when the redefining a dense element to a non-configurable property.

That means we can remove sparsifyDenseElement? Cool!
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(In reply to Jan de Mooij [:jandem] from comment #1)
> That means we can remove sparsifyDenseElement? Cool!

Exactly! :-)

In addition to the sparsifyDenseElement removal, the patch:
- Changes |NativeObject::removeDenseElementForSparseIndex()| to a non-static method to better match its sibling methods in NativeObject.
- Adds an assertion to |removeDenseElementForSparseIndex()| to ensure a sparse property is actually present. (The assertion is not needed for correctness, it is only intended to help to understand the code.)
- And changes |removeDenseElementForSparseIndex()| to call |setDenseElement()| instead of |setDenseElementUnchecked()|, because |removeDenseElementForSparseIndex()| is now only called in situations where the elements are definitely not frozen. 
- |setDenseElementUnchecked()| is now only called in ||setDenseElement()|, so let's inline it and then remove |setDenseElementUnchecked()|. And do the same for |setDenseInitializedLengthUnchecked()|.
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Don't sparsify dense elements eagerly in NativeDefineProperty. r=jandem
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