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Steps to reproduce:

Firefox sometimes takes the GTK3 theme from the wrong places:

- selected text is not used from GtkTextView and/or GtkEntry but rather from GtkView
thus making it impossible to color selected text and selected items individually in GTK3 if we want to have consistent Firefox colors
- the border-radius of the context-menu is not applied correctly (the round border bleeds out of the corners) like in GTK context-menu
- the Firefox themes are also applied to the headerbar, resulting in a theme mix when selecting the CSD option under firefox -> customize
- the Firefox headerbar has a border bleed at the top corners when selecting a GTK theme with a round headerbar (take the default ubuntu theme for example)

This make it hard to create a color consistent user experience for the new ubuntu default theme (working title: communitheme) for the upcoming ubuntu 18.10 release with Firefox as the default Ubuntu browser.

So it would be great if Firefox could provide a more complete adaption to the GTK3 theme of Linux or specific GNOME Desktops.
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I am moving this to the GTK component so as that it gets on the radar of the right folks.

It would be good to make sure you are reporting bugs on Firefox Nightly and not on the release channel as some of your issues may already be fixed, you haven't indicated which version of Firefox you are reporting bugs for.

Also, you should file one issue per bug and not multiple issues in one bug.
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Sorry! Those issues occur on both nightly and current stable.

I packed them all into one issue because I believe rather than fixing them individually (I could be totally wrong) this could be all caused by a wrong GTK theme connection. I have no knowledge of how Firefox receives the CSS but it seems that it looks it up at the wrong places.
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