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Fix webconsole mocha tests / require paths


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Looks like some require() changes, plus the introduction of the JSTerm component has caused the tests to fail.
This patch gets it running again and fixes all but one test:

  1) Network message reducer:
         adds fetched HTTP post data:
     Error: Expected undefined to exist
      at assert (node_modules/expect/lib/assert.js:29:9)
      at Expectation.toExist (node_modules/expect/lib/Expectation.js:52:28)
      at (store/network-messages.test.js:82:70)

I'd be generally OK to get it landed and figure out the failing test later, but maybe there's something obvious here we can do to fix it.

Also, there's a change in JSTerm.js that I don't like that involved checking `if (!this.loader)` and defining it if it doesn't exist. Where can we define globals for mocha tests that aren't `require`d?  The webpack.config.js in client/webconsole seems to only be used for local dev.
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Comment on attachment 8976252 [details]
Bug 1462055 - Fixup mocha test paths for webconsole;

Looks good if we revert the loader change in JsTerm.js to put it in the mocha-test-setup

::: devtools/client/webconsole/components/JSTerm.js:10
(Diff revision 1)
> +if (!this.loader){
> +  var loader = {
> +    lazyServiceGetter: () => {},
> +    lazyRequireGetter: () => {}
> +  }
> +}

this can be removed by adding the following in the mocha-test-setup.js file: 

global.loader = {
  lazyServiceGetter: () => {},
  lazyRequireGetter: () => {}

we might want to have a dedicated function/file (e.g. mockGlobals) to do this.

Also, maybe we should actually do the require when calling lazyRequireGetter ? For now it seems to work fine, so maybe this can go in a follow up
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Alright, going to land this version and then we can look into the remaining failure and actually requiring from the loader methods later on.
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Fixup mocha test paths for webconsole;r=nchevobbe
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