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Encoded downloads result in misleading UI


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Steps to reproduce:

The above is a slow download (1k per second), but the resource is heavily gzipped (from 100mb to ~100k).

Actual results:

When prompting to save: Plain Text Document (99.6k)

During download: "Unknown time left. 22mb of 99.6k"

On mobile this will show things like 9999999999% complete.

Expected results:

When prompting, the size is misleading, as it's showing the content-length, but this is very different to the disk space that will be taken, since the content-length is the gzipped size.

This download doesn't need to be "unknown time left", as the browser knows how much it's downloaded and what the content-length is.

"22mb of 99.6k" This is "[bytes written] of [content-length]", but due to compression this doesn't make sense. Either miss out the total and replace it with a percentage, or you could try to get the total size by making an additional range request (eg Range: 0-10), as the responding Content-Range header often includes the total unencoded byte size.
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Component: Untriaged → Downloads API
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
Possibly a dupe of bug 233047.
See Also: → 233047
Setting as P3 until we can confirm that this is a duplicate of bug 233047.
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