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Point wptsync to an ateam papertrail log drain


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This is currently pointing to the Taskcluster papertrail account, and that means every ssh login alerts us to suspicious activity.  There have been a bunch over the last few days.

I suspect this just got set up with a papertrail log drain in the wrong account by mistake.

Can this be sent to another, more general papertrail account instead?
I'm happy to direct the logs elsewhere, but I'm not aware of any other papertrail accounts available to us. In the mean time, can you filter out our activity from your alerts so you don't get bothered?

We got added to the present PaperTrail account by emorley, since our team is under the same umbrella as Treeherder, for some definition of umbrella.

Joel, is there a PaperTrail account shared by teams in PI that would be more appropriate for wpt-sync logs to report to?
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I am not aware of one- maybe the treeherder team has one, or there might be another random one.

:sphilp, do you know if a PaperTrail account that we are using in PI?  we could hop along with Treeherder, but maybe there is a better solution- maybe with some of the other projects (AMO, Shield, IOS, Klar, etc.) ?
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