Open Bug 1465966 Opened 5 years ago Updated 1 year ago loads Google Analytics when DNT is enabled


(Websites ::, defect)

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(Reporter: francois, Assigned: mhoye)


(Depends on 1 open bug)


If you visit in a Private Browsing window, tracking protection will be enabled and the Shield will be displayed. Opening the devtools will reveal that Google Analytics was blocked.

The Mozilla Web Properties Tracking Policy states that we should turn off these analytics tools when a user has DNT enabled:

Since tracking protection in Firefox will force the DNT signal to be sent, we should never see a tracking protection shield when visiting the wiki.
I'll take this, but we have a bug somewhere to turn of GA on wikimo entirely. At this point I can't imagine a plausible scenario where a significant decision about WikiMo would hinge on analytics information, and if I'm correct about that we shouldn't be gathering that data in the first place.
Assignee: nobody → mhoye
Depends on: 1639489
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