Always boost the frecencies of typed places, and introduce a new picked-from-UI frecency boost




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As discussed over email, for the new autofill algorithm, we want to prefer origins that the user typed over origins they didn't type, and we think boosting frecency is the way to do it.  That should help differentiate two origins the user visits often but only one of which they visit by typing it (bug 1464270).  We want to autofill the one they type over the one they don't.

Additionally, we should have a picked-from-UI-but-not-typed boost.  Maybe that should be split off into a separate bug, not sure yet.

Marco suggests we leave this for 63 since the changes may be too substantial to make 62 at this point.
The first step, would probably be to fix our definition of "typed", that also involves decisions like "is something pasted to be considered typed?".
Fixing the typed definition may also help with the various typed bugs we have around (see the dependencies I'm adding).
Once we have a well defined typed, supported by coherent db data, we then need to split the typed bonus and the picked-from-ui bonus, and properly apply those where currently we markPageAsTyped.

I don't think this is critical for new autofill, thus I'd not hold my breath to have this immediately. It's a nice-to-have overall.
If we fix bug 1467627 we will probably resolve the most compelling problems.
Depends on: 1330343, 1461844, 1271801
Priority: P1 → P2
Whiteboard: [fxsearch]
Blocks: 1476522
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