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TLS authentication should NOT allow PLAIN text authentication as fallback


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Steps to reproduce:

Using v52.8.0 (32-bit) of Thunderbird

Setup mail account using both POP3 server on Port 995 and SMTP server on Port 465.
And set Authentication to either SSL/TLS or STARTTLS with Normal Password

Actual results:

Logs show that authentication/connection is occuring in PLAIN text and username and password are exposed.

See attached log files, using SSL/TLS Authentication setting.

Expected results:

I have an expectation that when I set Authentication to use SSL/TLS or STARTTLS that this will occur securely and not in plain text.

There should be either 
(1) no fallback allowed to PLAIN text authentication when SSL/TLS or STARTTLS are choosen, or
(2) there should be an option with prompt asking to confirm whether or not to continue with PLAIN text authentication when secure authentication fails.
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Sorry, you're confusing concepts. If you're using TLS the connection is secure. The authentication mechanism can then very well be "plain" without any loss of security: the outer layer is already securing you.

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