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SplayTree::checkCoherency is using a recursive algorithm.


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SplayTree::checkCoherency can cause stack overflows in degenerated cases which are causing large unbalanced trees.
This patch converts the recursive decent in the splay tree into a depth-first
traversal of the tree. Using a depth-first search ensures that we are going to
visit the elements of the splay tree in increasing order, thus updating the
minimum at every node which is visited in the depth-first search.

The depth-first traversal is using the parent link instead of allocating memory
to recall the last choice point. It works as follow:

 - Find the left-most element, and visit it. If there is a right branch on the
   left-most node, go down, and resume finding the left-most node by re-looping.
   OTherwise, we reached a leaf node (left-most node with no right branch).

 - When reaching a leaf node, walk all the nodes until we reach a right branch
   which we did not visit yet, and visit parent nodes if we are coming back from
   a left-branch decent. Right branches which were not visited are cases when we
   are coming back the left branch and a right branch exists.
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Convert SplayTree::checkCoherency to a non-recursive algorithm.

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Great. Comments are pretty clear :)
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Convert SplayTree::checkCoherency to a non-recursive algorithm. r=tcampbell
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