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testcase in browser_sanitize-timespans.js will fail if it runs within a second after midnight


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I recently noticed that browser_sanitize-timespans.js is guaranteed to fail if it runs at exactly the wrong time of day; this will appear as a rare intermittent orange.

Specifically, it will fail if the code here

executes within the first second after midnight. In this case, the use of setSeconds(1) means that we are actually giving the visit a time of 00:00:01.xx, while the actual current time is 00:00:00.xx. (Note that the milliseconds are left untouched here.)

So the visit is being given a time that is 1 second in the future, and this causes the validatePageInfo function in PlacesUtils to throw a TypeError at

because history is supposed to be in the past.

Here's a try job that happened to hit the "unlucky second", demonstrating that it really can happen:

I believe we can fix this by using setSeconds(0) instead of setSeconds(1) here. If we're concerned about the edge case where the visit is at *exactly* midnight, we could use setMilliseconds(1) to ensure that it remains still definitely post-midnight; this will not cause a problem because of the TIMERS_RESOLUTION_SKEW_MS (16ms) tolerance allowed by the check in validatePageInfo.
Depends on: 1469518
Actually, we should fix all three instances of this pattern, not just the one I happened to stumble across. (Note that the fix for bug 1469518 is required before this can land.)
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Fix testcase in browser_sanitize-timespans to not fail immediately after midnight

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thank you!
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Fix testcase in browser_sanitize-timespans to not fail immediately after midnight. r=mak
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