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Upgrade rust libraries to not use syn-0.12


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As a result of servo/webrender#2819, mozilla-central is going to start dragging in syn 0.14. Right now third_party/rust has syn 0.13 and syn 0.12. We should upgrade stuff such that we can drop syn 0.12, so that we don't end up with three copies of syn in the tree.
`cargo update -p cstr-macros` removes one dependency.

The rest should be taken care of by upgrading malloc_size_of_derive and style_derive from, they have been upgraded to syn 0.13 there. I think Emilio has a script for cherry-picking across repos.
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Yup, happy to take this.
Assignee: nobody → emilio
Flags: needinfo?(emilio)
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Cherry-pick malloc_size_of_derive and style_derive changes from servo/servo#20690. r=me
Update cstr-macros to v0.1.3. r=me
Revendor rust dependencies. r=me tracks moving Servo and its dependencies to 0.14 (removing 0.13). The dependency graphs is different from Gecko’s, but has significant overlap.
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