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[wpt-sync] Sync PR 11544 - webkit: GTK port should enable acceptInsecureCerts capability


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Sync web-platform-tests PR 11544 into mozilla-central (this bug is closed when the sync is complete).

Details from upstream follow.

Zan Dobersek <> wrote:
>  webkit: GTK port should enable acceptInsecureCerts capability
>  When using the WebKit product to run the WPT tests, the GTK port of WebKit has
>  to properly handle the temporary testing-purpose certificate that's used for
>  loads over SSL/TLS and which can't be validated otherwise.
>  To allow running tests served over HTTPS, the acceptInsecureCerts capability is
>  set in the capabilities dict that's then used for the Selenium-based executor.
>  This is only done for the tesharness tests and reftests but not for the wdspec
>  tests as that would collide with the tests that are testing this capability.
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