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partner repack rebuilds not working


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(firefox-esr60 fixed, firefox63 fixed)

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Bug 1457034 implemented an action to respin specific partner configs and was tested working at the time. Something appears to have regressed in the meantime, based on testing maple at

Generated using on bm83 with
 export PROMOTE_TASK_ID=ZtKvjRK3Q7OuxTS4ipfqFw
 export PARTNER_SUBSET=funnelcake,seznam

* there are funnelcake tasks but not seznam (seems to be querying prod though)
* the repack tasks fail with error: ambiguous option: --p (--partner, --platform?)
due to args '--p=funnelcake --p=seznam'
Summary: partner reoack rebuilds not working → partner repack rebuilds not working
The missing seznam tasks is just due to operator error - seznam only uses the cs locale, which is not in the reduced set of locales on enable.
qwant worked OK on that graph but funnelcake artifacts are missing on the repack jobs. It turns out we only support single values for --partner-subset deeper in the stack:

* turns "--partner-subset foo,bar" into 'release_partners = ['foo', 'bar']' on the action task
* taskcluster/taskgraph/util/ uses release_partners to filter the config to only include top-level partners, ie funnelcake but not funnelcake133
** in turn this informs the creation of a lot of tasks downstream via the transforms,, and

* For the repack itself, taskcluster/taskgraph/transforms/ sets up "--partner-foo --partner=bar" when calling mozharness/scripts/
* only the last --partner arg is used because is expecting it to be single valued
* similarly expects a single value, but it supports either top or sub-level names
* some partners have strings reused in top and sub-level, eg aol/aol

In an ideal world we would be able specify "--partner-subset funnelcake/funnelcake133,qwant" to specify multiple repacks, and optionally limit to sub-level configs.
Assignee: nobody → nthomas is a graph with to support sub-config (dist_id) all the way through the stack. Got some more bugs to fix there.


We'll need to respin a partner on 61.0.1 in the meantime, and since it's only a single, top-level, partner config it's possible the fix in comment #2 will be sufficient. Testing with via

export PARTNER_SUBSET=playanext

ie rerun comment #2 with incremented build num and just one partner. The idea would be to get that rev on release, then combine [1] with [2] to refer to the new slightly changed code when using the promote_firefox_partners action flavor.

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Bug 1469757 - partner repack rebuilds pass the partner names incorrectly, ?
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partner repack rebuilds pass the partner names incorrectly, r=aki?
Nice to have fix - respins will repack on all platforms, even when it's a no-op because they're not needed. We get green jobs that run for 1+ minutes, depending on the time it takes to clone gecko.
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Resolution: FIXED → ---
Status - I was able to respin playanext (bug 1473775) with the fix in comment #8, so we can handle 'all of a single partner' case. This PR updates our docs with that restriction: to make sure our docs match the current reality.

Still planning to support repacking a list of sub-configs, but other work is taking priority right now.
(In reply to Nick Thomas [:nthomas] (UTC+12) from comment #4)
> is a graph with
> 92f12ea70a460885d6454aaf50af5d932f98991e to support sub-config (dist_id) all
> the way through the stack. Got some more bugs to fix there.

Backed this out in, for now.

Resolving this as the original platform vs partner ambiguity is long fixed. Filed bug 1530231 to track the lack of fine control over respins.

See Also: → 1530231
Closed: 2 years ago2 years ago
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