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Add Toolbox Button and option for "Disable popup auto hide" in the Browser Toolbox.


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Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch Nightly
2. Go to about:debugging
3. Enable add-on debugging
4. Open Browser Toolbox (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+I)
5. Open Settings (F1)

Actual results:
Disable popup auto hide option is nothing in the Available Toolbox Buttons, because some options were removed in the new option design.

Expected results:
Add Toolbox Button and option for Disable popup auto hide in the Browser Toolbox.
In the new menu design, it is available as a menu item (as can be seen in your screenshot).

Are you requesting that it become instead a button once again?  Or you want a checkbox to hide the new menu item...?
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My request is adding a button and option menu highlighted as red dot line in expected.
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Is there any reason why you prefer a button to a menu item?
I need to open the menu to confirm it is enable or not and doing on/off. It is not useful steps for debugging.
I was about to triage this as a P3, but do we really want to keep it in the backlog.
I understand magicp's request to add the button again because it is faster to check if the feature is ON or OFF this way (rather than having to click on the menu first).
But, having this feature in 2 places feels like too much. so we'd have to remove it from the menu, but we put it there for a reason I suspect.
So, Brian, what do you think we should do here?
I'm tempted to close this as WONTFIX, but I'd like to hear the rationale behind the redesign to a menu item from you first.
In the meantime, I'll triage this as P3.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Flags: needinfo?(bbirtles)
Priority: -- → P3
The redesign to a menu is simply because the mockups from Victoria but everything but the RDM and frames buttons in a menu. There was no mockup for the Browser Toolbox and no particular rationale for putting the "Disable autohide" feature in the menu other than that we were putting everything in the menu.

I think it's fine to leave this open. I was planning on removing the menu item and converting it to a toolbox button.
Flags: needinfo?(bbirtles)
Severity: normal → S3
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