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collapse fs crashstorage class hierarchy


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Socorro has a deep class hierarchy of filesystem crashstorage classes. This has evolved over time with an effort to maintain backwards compatibility and probably some other requirements that we don't have anymore.

This bug covers figuring out which ones we're using in the processor and collapsing the hierarchy to those.
I did a pass on this already, so I'll resurrect that work and do it again. It helps to do now since we're doing the python 2 to 3 port and it's likely the filesystem classes will require python 2-to-3 work. If we don't use the classes, it'd be better to ditch the code so we don't have to port them.
Assignee: nobody → willkg
Priority: -- → P2
This is a rehash of bug #1363550. I thought about duping this bug to that one, but it's worth redoing the analysis of what's in use since a lot of things have changed in the last year.
Looks like we have these two uses:

socorro/app/        default='socorro.external.fs.crashstorage.FSPermanentStorage',
socorro/app/        default='socorro.external.fs.crashstorage.FSPermanentStorage',

We should keep that one class and nix everything else. While we're at it, we can rename it to FSCrashStorage.

Also, while we're doing this, we should nix socorro/external/fs/ since that's not used anywhere.
Commits pushed to master at
fix bug 1471299: remove fs new_crash_source code

We don't use this, so let's remove it.
fix bug 1471299: remove orphaned code the submitter used

We rewrote the stage submitter as an AWS Lambda job and no longer have
the stage submitter code in the socorro repo. This removes some code
that the submitter used that we no longer use and has no tests.
fix bug 1471299: remove tar file related crashstorage classes
fix bug 1471299: remove FSDatedRadixTreeStorage and friends

We don't use these classes anymore. This removes them and the tests.
fix bug 1471299: remove unused fs crashstorage classes

This collapses the last two fs crash storage classes into a single one,
renames it to FSPermanentStorage, and fixes the tests for it.
fix bug 1471299: remove unused filesystem utility functions
Merge pull request #4499 from willkg/1471299-collapse-fs

fix bug 1471299: collapse fs crashstorage classes
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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