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Evaluate worklet scripts as modules


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Andrea said in
'there is still a bigger issue to solve related to the importing of scripts as
module in workers (and worklet). See bug 1247687. Currently we support script
modules only on main-thread via <script type="module">. In order to support
script modules in workers/worklet, we must unify WorkletFetchHandler,
workerinternals::Load/LoadMainScript and mozilla::dom::ScriptLoader.'

Ben said in
"Would it not be possible to make worklets and workers completely separate?
Decoupling them seems like it would be nice for maintenance since they are
going to be fairly different."
That probably means that any shared code should be in or near ScriptLoader,
rather than in dom/worklers.

Jon said in
"It would be really great if we could reuse some of the code in the script
loader (and would be useful for other efforts, e.g. bug 1308512).  This is not
trivial unfortunately.  I think it would require factoring out the module
loader into a separate class with a caller-provided a fetch interface passed
This would be bug 1311726.

Jon said in
"As long as the module doesn't import anything you can load it by calling
JS::CompileModule to get a module record object, and then calling
JS::ModuleDeclarationInstantiation and then JS::ModuleEvaluation on that."

Houdini WG said in
"RESOLVED: dynamic import() in worklets is a no-op that returns a rejected
promise (or equivalent after passing thru JS people)"

Web platform tests expect static import to work.
Priority: -- → P3
Component: DOM → DOM: Core & HTML

One thing that will likely fall into place with this work is that the Worklet.addModule() promise should only be rejected when "fetch a worklet script" (which includes ParseModule()) fails. Errors during "run a module script" should not cause the promise to be rejected (but do in current code because JS::Evaluate() is used to parse). questions whether that is sane behavior.

Blocks: 1572644

The issue in comment 1 is getting in the way of writing tests for exception reporting, and so I'll address that with a simple module script implementation without import support, and track implementation of fetching a complete module script graph in bug 1572644.

Assignee: nobody → karlt

The separation of parse and evaluate steps permits implementation of behavior
on unhandled exception during evaluation that is different from that on
parsing error.

Depends on D41338

No longer depends on: 1311726
Attachment #9084234 - Attachment description: Bug 1473463 evaluate worklet scripts as modules r?baku → Bug 1473463 evaluate worklet scripts as modules without support for nested import r?baku
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use globalThis in worklet tests because |this| is undefined in toplevel module script r=baku
evaluate worklet scripts as modules without support for nested import r=baku
remove unnecessary JSAutoRealm as realm is set by AutoEntryScript r=baku
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