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[AccessFu] Don't group together labels and controls in traversal


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We did this originally for B2G Settings app. They had an interesting hack for restyling checkboxes. At the expense of adding more navigation items to the screen we should seperate the two. Because (a) This is what users expect and (b) because this grouping makes it hard to follow focus correctly. For example, if a labeled entry is focused, the label gets the virtual cursor, that is confusing.
Fixed some eslint errors.
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Does this mean that for a check box, there'll be two "flick" stops: one for the label and one for the check box? I think this is going to cause efficiency/productivity problems. Certainly, VoiceOver seems to filter out most label elements altogether for this reason. While there are problems with that approach, I think the extra "flick" stops are worse.

This might be something to cover in a different bug; the way it's currently being done is obviously causing focus problems.
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Don't clump labels and controls together. It messes with focus events. r?yzen

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Thanks, I also do like the idea of possibly pre-fitlering labels for form controls, if I interpreted Jamies comment correctly.
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The problem with prefiltering labels is that there will be less explore by touch targets on the page and the user won't get a good idea of what is available. I guess for that case the ebt rule could include labels.. That would also be consistent with how mouse users can click on labels to toggle checkboxes but they are not in the tab order..

Anyway, it is worth revisiting this issue further down.
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Don't clump labels and controls together. It messes with focus events. r=yzen
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