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Fonts loaded with CSS font loading API not printable


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Expected: the font of 'lmnop' is the 'test' font loaded with the CSS font loading API
Actual: the font is the fallback of 'monopsace'

I'm guessing during creating the static clone of the document we don't copy over these fonts.
I'm not sure this solution is the proper one. I could also see a different approach where we move the non-rule font faces to the style sheet so we don't have to perform this copy.

Also, I have some prototype tests for this, but unfortunately there's not really any tests that I can use that trigger the nsIDocument::CreateStaticClone on MacOS. When I get a chance I'll try to get something working on Linux or Windows where the print preview tests are run.
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Bug 1473742 - Fix printing fonts loaded with JS API.

This looks reasonable to me. Moving the fonts to a stylesheet (which stylesheet?) sounds more questionable, as they really don't belong to one.

Having tests would be awesome. :)

::: layout/style/FontFaceSet.h:180
(Diff revision 1)
>      return set ? set->GetPresContext() : nullptr;
>    }
>    void RefreshStandardFontLoadPrincipal();
> +  void CopyNonRuleFacesTo(FontFaceSet* aFontFaceSet);

Can we make this a const method, and use a `const FontFaceSet*` pointer in CreateStaticClone above?
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Bug 1473742 - Fix printing fonts loaded with JS API.

Tests added...
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Assignee: nobody → bdahl
Blocks: 1196991
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Bug 1473742 - Fix printing fonts loaded with JS API.

Looks good, thanks for adding the test.

::: layout/base/tests/chrome/printpreview_font_api_ref.html:16
(Diff revision 2)
> +      /*
> +       * Intentionally use a different fallback font than the test file so that
> +       * if the font fails to load the test and reference will still be
> +       * different.
> +       */
> +      font-family: test, Arial;

There's no guarantee "Arial" is present; I'd suggest using `font-family: test, sans-serif;` here.

::: layout/style/FontFaceSet.cpp:1945
(Diff revision 2)
> +FontFaceSet::CopyNonRuleFacesTo(FontFaceSet* aFontFaceSet) const
> +{
> +  for (const FontFaceRecord& rec : mNonRuleFaces) {
> +    ErrorResult rv;
> +    RefPtr<FontFace> f = rec.mFontFace;
> +    aFontFaceSet->Add(*f, rv);

Hmm, seems like we should check the ErrorResult here rather than just ignore it, at least in debug builds. Perhaps MOZ_ASSERT() that it didn't fail?
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Fix printing fonts loaded with JS API. r=jfkthame
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