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Replace firefox-dev in alert_emails of histograms READER_MODE_PARSE_RESULT READER_MODE_DOWNLOAD_RESULT


(Toolkit :: Reader Mode, enhancement, P3)




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firefox63 --- affected


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Upon reviewing the list of Telemetry histograms we found two READER_MODE metrics that us the firefox-dev@ mailing list in their alert_emails field.

This means in event of a Telemetry Alert being fired, it will be sent to the entirety of firefox-dev.

The alert_emails field has been shown to be most useful when it has an individual or a small team's address in it (or both!) as it both ensures that any such Alerts are received only by individuals who likely understand what the change means (and maybe even why it happened) and acts as a useful lookup in case someone later has a question about the probe and needs to ask questions of someone about it.

Is there someone who is willing to take on such a role for the following probes:


If not, should we remove the probes?

Blocks: 1470885
jaws, Gijs and myself tend to triage the Reader Mode bugs these days. I guess it should probably go to one of us... or maybe all three?

I don't mind having my email put in if the others don't want the traffic.
Priority: -- → P3
Severity: normal → S3
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