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add mark-as-started task within release graphs for Ship-it v2 roll-out


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In bug 1466627 and bug 1461668 we've enabled behaviors in shipitscript to enable `mark-as-started` task that's to send proper information from Ship-it v2 to Ship-it v1 in order to keep them in sync. All changes have landed in production, but the actual in-tree task. This bug is to track that.

More specifically:
All three patches that landed on maple that were successful in testing both behaviors are:

On beta the mark-as-shipped tweaks looks like this -

What we need to ship is maple-patches sans the beta patch ^.

For mark-as-started future development when we need to roll this out: we may want to fix `Submtted by` field as it's now `shipit-scriptworker-stage`. We can feed that variable by having Ship-it v2 pass it along in the AC and then to `release-mark-as-started` task.
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* we still need to fix the `Submitted by` field as it'll point to `shipit-scriptworker-stage` or `prod` or something
Another leftover:
* we still need to find a way during 63 cycle to limit this patch to mozilla-beta only. But since mergeduty is 1.5months ahead, I think we're safe for now.
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[intree] add mark-as-started task in-tree

Review of attachment 9007898 [details] [diff] [review]:

LGTM. I will land this on beta first and verify during the next release.
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[intree] add mark-as-started task in-tree

Pushed to beta:
remote: View your change here:
remote: Follow the progress of your build on Treeherder:
remote: recorded changegroup in replication log in 0.004s
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Not sure what's left to be done here - probably the proper landing of the in-tree patch for mozilla-beta only as right now I think it keeps getting overwritten by the mergeduty from central.

Am not actively working on this so I'll remove myself from asignee.
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add mark-as-started task. r=rail a=release
Let's track the roll-out to release/esr60 in bug 1499440.
Closing this for now.
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