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failed to run wpt test in test-verify-backfill due to missing --gpu-required


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(firefox-esr60 fixed, firefox62 fixed, firefox63 fixed)

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my understanding is that we don't run any wpt tests on gpu instances, but on a recent run:

I see the failure as:
xecuting command 0: c:\mozilla-build\python\python.exe -u mozharness\scripts\ --cfg mozharness\configs\web_platform_tests\ --installer-url --test-packages-url --download-symbols ondemand --e10s --verify --total-chunk=1 --this-chunk=1 --gpu-required

Z:\task_1531388835>c:\mozilla-build\python\python.exe -u mozharness\scripts\ --cfg mozharness\configs\web_platform_tests\ --installer-url --test-packages-url --download-symbols ondemand --e10s --verify --total-chunk=1 --this-chunk=1 --gpu-required 
Usage: [options] error: no such option: --gpu-required
:gbrown, would this be fallout from your fix of the str->bool type for gpu_required?
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I wonder...will have a look.
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This failure is specific to backfill. Taskcluster configs use --gpu-required only for test-verify-gpu and test-coverage-gpu, which run desktop_unittest/android_emulator_unittest, where --gpu-required is recognized.

Backfill determines gpu-ness with:

                    if 'gpu' in task.task['metadata']['name'] or \
                       'webgl' in task.task['metadata']['name'] or \
                       'canvas' in tp or \
                       'gfx/tests' in tp or \
                       ('reftest' in tp and 'jsreftest' not in tp):
                        gpu_required = True

If a wpt test has "canvas" in the test path, for instance, backfill will specify --gpu-required, even if it is a web-platform test. I think we just need to exclude web-platform tests from gpu_required to avoid this.
I cannot find the requested test path in the log of comment 0, but I suspect we were backfilling the failed windows wpt test of that push: /service-workers/service-worker/fetch-canvas-tainting-image-cache.https.html -- containing "canvas".
I think this is correct, but I'm struggling to verify it on try:

My wpt backfill did not run any tests. Maybe just my inexperience with backfilling...could you have a look?
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Summary: failed to run wpt test in test-verify due to missing --gpu-required → failed to run wpt test in test-verify-backfill due to missing --gpu-required
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yes, you need to add testing/web-platform/tests/

you had:
testPath: /service-workers/service-worker/fetch-canvas-tainting-image-cache.https.html

you need:
testPath: testing/web-platform/tests/service-workers/service-worker/fetch-canvas-tainting-image-cache.https.html
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Thanks - that did the trick.

With correct testPath + my patch here, I can backfill fetch-canvas-tainting-image-cache.https.html.
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do not use --gpu-required for TV-bf of wpt

Review of attachment 8991735 [details] [diff] [review]:

this looks great.
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In TV-bf, avoid use of --gpu-required for wpt; r=jmaher
Blocks: test-verify
Closed: 6 years ago
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