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Up/Down causes cursor jump inside "contenteditable=true" with "display: flex" or "display: grid"


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Steps to reproduce:

See basic reproduction case here:

1. Create a `<div contenteditable="true" id="main"></div>` element
2. Apply flex styles to the div: `#main {display: flex; flex-direction: column}`
3. Add `<p>` child elements with text
4. Place the cursor in the contenteditable region
5. Use Up/Down arrow keys to move the cursor

Note that the following styling also demonstrates the problem: `#main {display: flex; flex-direction: row; flex-wrap: wrap}`

Actual results:

When the cursor reaches the edge of a child element the cursor jumps to the beginning or end (depending whether Up or Down key was pressed) of the whole contenteditable element.

Expected results:

The cursor moves naturally to the next vertical element. Chrome/Safari behave as expected.
Component: Untriaged → Editor
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Product: Firefox → Core
See Also: → 1216483
The same thing happens for CSS Grid, too, FWIW:

Kinda good news: in both cases, the right/left-arrow keys *do* seem to move between sections naturally (to the next vertical element when pressed at the beginning/end of a section).  It's just the up/down-arrow keys that do a confusing thing.  So we've got the internal "previous/next" mapping correct, but our up/down logic just doesn't understand what is up/down.
Summary: Up/Down causes cursor jump inside "contenteditable=true" with "display: flex" → Up/Down causes cursor jump inside "contenteditable=true" with "display: flex" or "display: grid"
nsIFrame::PeekOffset with eSelectLine cannot found better frame (nsFrame::GetLineNumber cannot return better frame, or nsFrame::GetNextPrevLineFromeBlockFrame doesn't return NS_OK...). I suspect GetNextPrevLineFromeBlockFrame, but I don't know root cause.
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If this occurs with non-editable elements in the caret browning mode, this should be moved to DOM: Selection component.

Also bug 1216483

The problem was that GetNextPrevLineFromeBlockFrame correctly identified the target frame but in case it was a flex/grid container, PeekOffsetForLine didn't accept it as a valid result due to a missing line iterator.

There was an existing case which handled this similarly for a table target, drilling into a first child with line iterator, but it was also incomplete.

Extended the drill condition for flex/grid and made the drilling algorithm more robust to be able to also crawl siblings and skip non-selectable elements (e.g. :before pseudoelement)

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When next line selection moves to a valid frame without line iterator, drill down to a first selectable child with line iterator r=emilio
Closed: 2 years ago
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Duplicate of this bug: 1216483

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