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Add a clang x86 build


(Firefox Build System :: General: Unsupported Platforms, enhancement, P5)



(firefox-esr60 fixed, firefox64 fixed)

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firefox-esr60 --- fixed
firefox64 --- fixed


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(I'll worry about this after x64 is landed.)
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Bug 1475998 Add a x86 MinGW Clang Build Job r=froydnj

Nathan Froyd [:froydnj] has approved the revision.
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This commit also removes dwarf-exceptions from the x64 build.
sjlj exceptions are needed on x86 because there is a bug currently involving
SEH exceptions on x86.  However on x64 there is not, so we can use the
default SEH and get rid of dwarf exceptions.
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> From your commit message, it sounds like fuse-cxa-atexit is only necessary for (native?) SEH handling. So we don't actually need this for x86, is that correct? If that's correct, should we just put fuse-cxa-atexit in WRAPPER_FLAGS for non-x86 targets only?

As I understand it (Jacek and Martin know best) we want to use -fuse-cxa-atexit period. We (Mozilla) just never got around to adding it to our build script after Martin fixed it (IIRC?).  But we do need to add it for SEH to work.  Jacek do I have this right?
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-fuse-cxa-atexit is not strictly needed AFAIK. I added it in my WIP patch because Martin used it in his builds so that's a better tested config (and AFAIR that's what GCC config uses), but we may probably skip it if it's controversial.
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Add a x86 MinGW Clang Build Job r=froydnj
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Found problem, fixed problem.
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Add a x86 MinGW Clang Build Job r=froydnj
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