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Update HarfBuzz to 1.8.7


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Overview of changes leading to 1.8.4
Tuesday, July 17, 2018
- Fix build on non-C++11.
- Use C++-style GCC atomics and C++11 atomics.

Not sure if there's much urgency to take this update, but at least we've got a bug filed for it now.

Overview of changes leading to 1.8.5
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
- Major Khmer shaper improvements to better match Microsoft.
- Indic bug fixes.
- Internal improvements to atomic operations.
Summary: Update HarfBuzz to 1.8.4 → Update HarfBuzz to 1.8.5
Overview of changes leading to 1.8.6
Tuesday, August 7, 2018
- Internal code shuffling.
- New API to speed up getting advance widths for implementations
  that have heavy overhead in get_h_advance callback:
Summary: Update HarfBuzz to 1.8.5 → Update HarfBuzz to 1.8.6
I had a green Try run with 1.8.5 yesterday, but 1.8.6 appears to have a new reftest hang:
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The 1.8.5 update sounds valuable from a bug fix / language support perspective.
Ugh... looks like the reftest failure also starts with a similar assertion, actually:

Behdad, does this look like an internal harfbuzz issue, or like we're just using it wrong? (Although it didn't complain until now!)
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Yeah, it is indeed debug-only. The opt runs are all green.
Oops.  My bug.  Fixed:

I'll get a release out.
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1.8.7 is out.
1.8.6 rolled out on arch linux and makes Nightly crash when loading many pages, like

looks like I should upgrade to 1.8.7 :D
I pushed a try run with 1.8.7 to confirm that it no longer asserts after the upstream fix:
Overview of changes leading to 1.8.7
Wednesday, August 8, 2018
- Fix assertion failure with GDEF-blacklisted fonts.
Summary: Update HarfBuzz to 1.8.6 → Update HarfBuzz to 1.8.7
Your Try run looks good.
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Update HarfBuzz to version 1.8.7

Yeah, looks better -- let's go for it.
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Update HarfBuzz to version 1.8.7. r=jfkthame
Closed: Last year
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla63
Does Firefox use hb_icu_get_unicode_funcs()?  If yes, please update to 1.8.8, as that contained a crasher on ARM introduced in 1.8.4.
The only appearance in our codebase appears to be in HarfBuzz itself, so I think we're safe.
Blocks: 1483310
Right; we provide our own unicode_funcs, and don't use (or even build) the hb_icu support.
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