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move bindgen discovery bits to a place where the JS engine can access them


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Cretonne integration depends on bindgen to generate a bunch of stuff, so it needs all the relevant bits (MOZ_CLANG_PATH, etc.) we discover in toolkit/moz.configure.  So things work in a JS shell, we need bindgen things during JS-only builds as well.  So we'd need to move all of those bindgen bits out of toolkit/moz.configure to a better place (.../bindgen.configure?) that's accessible from the JS engine.

Let's cross the bridge of whether we could somehow make a single bindgen invocation take care of everything at some later point and deal with multiple bindgen invocations for now.
This change makes the config variables determined for
bindgen (MOZ_CLANG_PATH et al) available to JS.

The next path ensures that we don't fail shell builds if we can't find the
appropriate variables.
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JS, at least, doesn't need bindgen at this point.  If JS does start
requiring bindgen under certain build configurations, we'll have to
figure out what to do about the bindgen dependency at that point:
require bindgen always, or just require bindgen for the
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Note that bug 1444141 is making the Rust dependency for the JS engine unconditional...I suppose we could make the bindgen dependency unconditional, too?
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part 2 - whitelist projects that require bindgen

Review of attachment 8993373 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: build/moz.configure/bindgen.configure
@@ +174,5 @@
>      if (not libclang_path and clang_path) or \
>         (libclang_path and not clang_path):
> +        if build_project not in bindgen_projects:
> +            return namespace()

The empty namespace is a little hacky, but I can see how it makes this patch simpler.
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Things the JS engine wants to understand should be js_options.
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part 1 - move bindgen configure bits to a separate file; r=chmanchester
part 2 - whitelist projects that require bindgen; r=chmanchester
part 3 - convert bindgen options into js_options; r=chmanchester
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