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Distinguish ADBTimeoutErrors from other exceptions in Android remote tests


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There are several places in our test automation which do not distinguish between normal exceptions which may not indicate a problem with the device under test and ADBTimeoutErrors which typically are fatal to a test run. This leads to situations where the test framework continues to attempt to contact the device resulting in multiple ADBTimeoutErrors. For example,



which took 42 minutes to complete due to 4 ADBTimeoutErrors.

The following shows the effect of handling ADBTimeoutErrors separately where a single ADBTimeoutError results in a run time of 27 minutes.



A full run of android tests with this patch on try:

Attached patch adb-exceptions.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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My previous patch left out the part which prevented the clean up and device info from running when an ADBTimeoutError occured. The previous g5 06-10 try run did include both patches however so that does show the effect of the ADBTimeoutError. I've folded the two patches together and submitted the result to try again. This does not include the g5s so doesn't have an explicit ADBTimeoutError.
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::: testing/mochitest/
@@ +65,5 @@
>  from leaks import ShutdownLeaks, LSANLeaks
>  from mochitest_options import (
>      MochitestArgumentParser, build_obj, get_default_valgrind_suppression_files
>  )
> +from mozdevice import ADBTimeoutError

I think is otherwise independent of mozdevice or any other Android complications. Does this risk causing mozdevice import failures for folks running 'mach mochitest' locally in desktop-only configurations? Could we live without this change to
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I took the precaution of pushing to try again and hit consistent robocop failures:

but now I see you already pushed to try in comment 2 and did not hit this problem. Not sure what to make of that...
Nevermind -- the robocop failures are unrelated to your changes.
I've been trying to check if I have any problems running the desktop tests locally but recent nss changes I think have broken my ability to build. Bisecting that at the moment but I'll look into keeping the device related changes in the "remote" device oriented files.
fwiw, I finally got a build (must be a compiler error) and mach seems to work fine on reftests and mochitests.
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Distinguish ADBTimeoutErrors from other exceptions in Android remote tests, r=gbrown.
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