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Raptor support for running speedometer on android geckoview


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Since I'm going on PTO after this week, I'm going to post to phabricator what I have done thus far. Yet to be solved:

- getting results from the benchmark back to the webext (Bug 1483600)

- add support to shutdown the geckoview_example app on the device (haven't updated the browser shutdown code in yet)

- on my machine and google pixel 2 the speedometer benchmark runs really slow - however the same benchmark also runs slow on my machine on Firefox desktop, I believe it's a problem with my localhost for some reason; it would be good for someone to try raptor-speedometer on their google p2 though to confirm it runs fast enough

- decide on how many pagecycles to run depending on how long it takes; currently just using 1 with an extended timeout

Hopefully we can get it all running by the end of the week anyway.
Some notes to help:

- make sure the android device is in superuser mode

- install the geckoview_example app with -g (i.e. adb install -g ../Downloads/geckoview_example.apk) so that the app permissions are on (or manually turn on the app's storage perm)

- you have to uninstall the old geckoview_example app first when you're updating to a newer one (i.e. adb uninstall org.mozilla.geckoview_example)

- raptor browser extension console messages do appear in adb logcat via the GeckoConsole - so this is handy: adb logcat | grep GeckoConsole

- you can also debug using the Firefox WebIDE, cick on the android device listed under "USB Devices" and then "Main Process" or the 'localhost: Speedometer.." tab process

The raptor command line to run speedometer on geckoview is:

./mach raptor-test --test raptor-speedometer --app=geckoview --binary="org.mozilla.geckoview_example"
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I've updated the patch on phabricator - added code to shutdown the GeckoView app.
With the fix by the mobile team in Bug 1483600, speedometer is now running on geckoview on my google pixel 2 successfully and reporting results. :)

To be decided is how many pagecycles of the benchmark to run (and the timeout) - it is currently set to 1 pagecycle in the test manifest. I tested multiple pagecycles (2) and it worked fine. Seems to run a bit slow on my device but I *believe* it's an issue with my localhost as the speedometer benchmark runs slow for me on Firefox desktop as well.
keep it at one for now until we get it running in automation- possibly 2 or 3 will be the final number we agree upon.
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Bug 1480841 - Raptor support for running speedometer on geckoview

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Pushed to try to check unit test is fixed, and to ensure didn't break anything - looks good
FYI this is to run raptor speedometer on the geckoview_example app, using a locally connected android device (tested on google pixel 2).
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